Lynda Psychic Coach & Intuitive

Lynda is world famous and profoundly psychic with a great sense of humor.  She is congenial & great at coaching & mentoring, as well as seeing the future and advising you on how to use that to your advantage. Lynda travels globally putting on workshops and counseling one on one with clients. Lynda loves people and helping to make their lives workable and functional on a level that creates satisfaction & productivity.

Psychic Consultation with Lynda

Lynda consults and coaches using her five senses which are sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. These senses and the use of them altogether as a composite bring to each client a specific and personal session based solely on who they are and how best to navigate their lives in the most positive way possible.
The way that Lynda works is unique unto her as she prefers to speak first and then have questions asked at the end of each consultation or if need be a person may stop her for clarification on a specific issue being addressed at that moment in time.