Welcome March 2017

I find it really hard to believe that we have now officially entered March 2017.....three months into the year already and it just seems incredible.

 You may find your attitude a bit lighter this month and a lot more positive and productive.  March is the month  to begin looking at concept and creativity regards building your financial foundation as well as your business career. Your intuition should be higher this month especially regards business and moving forward.

There are some underlying currents that you want to beware of they could be a little bit dicey at best so if you find that your beginning to feel disgruntled or frustrated, if at all possible, walk away take a drink of water settle yourself and then go back into discussion.

The last week and 1/2 of March you will probably feel Mercury getting ready to go retrograde on 9 April and that translates into Murphy's Law time all the way through to the first week or so of May. Anything that is really critical that you need to get done be sure that you have it completed prior to 8 April or try to put it off until 4 May.

Mercury will retrograde  9 April to 3 May …  I have affectionately come to refer to Mercury retrograde as Murphy's Law time. If anything can go wrong, or people can miss dates, or if items are going to get lost or broken Mercury retrograde is the time it will occur.

 March is the month when you really want to pay attention to your intuition and to be more aware of what's going on around you regards people, surroundings and receptivity to you and your ideas.

All in all, the month of March has some really good high spot's and that's your take away. Don't get bogged down with other people's attitudes and don't get bogged down with minutia.

May life smile upon you and gift you with success & abundance.

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