May 2017

May brings flowers and shower but mostly it is a time for growth and optimism.  There is an energy the pushes us to go beyond our limits and to dare to dream this month and it would be wise to pay attention.  If you do not dare to take a chance you will never know and you'll be left with "what if" or "shoulda, coulda, woulda" as opposed to the potential for success and accomplishment.

There are always a few fences to jump over and people who don't understand your dreams and purpose and they do not have to, but they will share their opinion with you whether asked for or not.  You will find that is happening this month and the challenge is to be true to yourself and remember that you live in your skin and your life and you answer to yourself at the end of everyday....Do what is Right for You as long as you do not place anyone else in jeopardy.

Take the time to have a good look at your diet and exercise programs as you want to build your energy levels and keep them at an even pace as life could move faster than you anticipate.

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