Today is a day of clearing....we still have a few issues to deal with but the overall mood should be positive.  The important thing to remember is to allow life to unfold and not require it to be anything other than what it is.  Breath and enjoy even if there is a bit of rain in your life BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE.

Be Mindful

Today's the day to be mindful of our actions and our emotions as there is still a bit of frustration and conflict in the air. The best path to take is the path of resistance or if that is not possible going then go one step at a time; One step breathe slowly one step Until you find that you have calmed yourself down. There is also the desire to be of help to others and to have a more gratifying and satisfying sense of who you are today day and the object is yet again " one step at a time"




Today may feel like there is a bit of turmoil and conflict going on inside of you and your impulse may be to just blurt out whatever is frustrating you. Remember that the pressures and emotions feel to be your reality, but, if you take the time to breathe slowly and quietly for 30 seconds you will find that you're able to go back into your quiet spot and not allow the outside pressures to put you in a position that you may regret later. You will find that you're experiencing a breakthrough in the near future and you will be ever so grateful that you did not just rashly or impulsively speak your mind.